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USD 20 / pax

Gili Ketapang beach certainly in our mind that is the beach located in the islands lombok, but in fact in East Java also has a white sand beach called Gili, a beautiful little island located in District Sumberasih Probolinggo, East Java, this island has a coastline the white sand. most of the local people are from Madurese descent who are livelihoods as fishermen. they are very hospitable when there are guests who visit the island of Gili Ketapang.

Gili Ketapang

Formerly this place is not a tourist location but with some young people who successfully promote the results of marine art with the beauty of coral reefs, the island is increasingly in demand and become the main destination of visitors to try the beauty of the sea by snorkeling on the island of Gili Ketapang It is said that in the past the island of Gili was blended with the land of ketapang village which then magically move slowly to the middle of the sea, this caused a massive earthquake caused by the volcanic eruption of Mount Semeru so that this land is separated from the village ketapang Probolinggo, Madura language means “dyke which means flowing”.

Cheap Gili Snorkeling package price  For a day snorkling package only 20 U $ D Facilities package Snorkeling Gili Ketapang:

  • PP ships (private vessels)
  • Snorkeling set

Gili Ketapang

  • Buoys
  • Lunch
  • Mineral water
  • Underwater photos

Gili Ketapang

  • Rest area

Gili Ketapang

  • Guide
  • Camp supervisor
  • Snorkling guide


Schedule :

  1. Gather at basecamp at 2 am
  2. Depart to harbor 3 am
  3. Hours 4 departed to the location near the island of Gili Ketapang by boat (sunrise)
  4. Cave cats and rows of trees
  5. Rest the breakfast area at 7
  6. Hours 8 left for snorkeling
  7. Clock 11 (conditional) to the tail beach
  8. At 13.00 lunch at rest area
  9. 14.00 hrs back to Probolinggo harbor


Package price  For a day snorkling package only 20 U$D / person


* drone wear adds cost 30 /group

* the above costs do not include the cost of travel to the port.

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